Basil 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil by Edens Garden


For centuries, basil has been used to soothe the spirit and is said to help overcome a lack of confidence and reduce fear, anger, negative thoughts, indecision, and mental fatigue.
Each oil is available in 5, 10, 30, and 100 ml- packaged in amber glass bottle with euro style dropper cap. each order includes our 150 ways to use essential oils brochure. for more details about this product, see product description section below.
Each oil is gc/ms tested to ensure 100% certified pure therapeutic grade quality. reports and comments posted on direct website. no pesticides, herbicides, gmo or additives. all oils stored in temperature controlled rooms, with minimal light, to ensure therapeutic properties are not compromised.

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While the word might conjure up images of saucy pastas and cheesy pizza, Basil essential oil has an extensive range of uses beyond the palette. Italians use Basil to inspire romance and affection. In Africa, where itÌs used more medicinally, many people use the plantÌs leaves to relieve water retention, high blood pressure, fevers, coughs and digestive system problems. Fresh and sweet, BasilÌs aroma is very similar to that of traditional Italian cooking. Many people use it as a digestive aid and to provide relief to aching or cramping muscles. Adding a few droplets to our Lavender oil and softly inhaling the blend can help ease the pain and stress of a headache. Native to Africa and Asia, Basil essential oil is derived through a steam distillation process. The bushy plant grows to a height of about 2 feet and has white, blue or purple flowers. There are nearly 150 varieties of basil and our offering is a Sweet Basil linalol chemotype. BOTANICAL NAME: Ocimum basilicum CHEMOTYPE / VARIETY: Linalool/ Sweet ORIGIN: USA EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation PLANT PART: Leaves NOTE: Middle – Top FAMILY: Lamiaceae SYNONYM: Sweet Basil BLENDS WELL WITH: Lavender and Lemon, and other florals and citrus AROMA: Sweet, herbaceous, fresh, and true to Basil used in cooking CONSISTENCY: Thin COLOR: Clear **Euro droppers are not included with 100 ml bottles** SAFETY: Dilute to 3.3% when using topically due to eugenol cotent. Using more than the recommended dilution may cause skin sensitization SHELF LIFE: 4 Years

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